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Sands Bethlehem to Get Live Blackjack Stadium Game

Pennsylvania land casino Sands Bethlehem has announced that they’re adding live dealer blackjack stadium games to their property, bringing live dealer action to more players.

The game allows for more people to partake in blackjack games through the same live dealer technology used by online gamblers. Players sit at terminals and place bets via a touchscreen. Cards are then dealt on tables and players can make decisions to hit, stand, split, double down, or take insurance through the screen. The games also let players play on more than one table at once.

The games are proving to be popular options for casinos, as they allow more punters onto tables with fewer actual tables and dealers. With the addition, Sands Bethlehem is the largest Electronic Table Games casino in the United States.

Speaking about the launch Sands Bethlehem COO Brian Carr said, “Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming is an exciting new addition that offers players a customized and action-packed experience. With the ability to play two games at once and a $5 minimum, this offering will give our guests an exciting new way to play one of the world’s most popular casino games.”

Source: Business Insider

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