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Pennsylvania Trains First Batch of Blackjack Dealers

Pennsylvania, which legalized the playing of table games this year, made it mandatory for casinos to offer a six-week course on Blackjack dealing. Accordingly, Mount Airy Casino Resort decided to offer a course in Paradise Township Casino. The games are yet to be launched; but Mount Airy in collaboration with Northampton Community College, designed courses to qualify students in the art of Blackjack dealing.

Most of the students in the first batch of the very first college offering courses on Blackjack dealing in Pennsylvania were below thirty and above twenty. Some of them were above forty. All of them were in occupations ranging from trading to tree trimming. The trainers were from casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Mississippi.

Students were taught how to handle the chips during the initial parts of the course. This is important because every table game requires knowledge on how to count and stack chips. A simple technique of cutting chip stacks was taught. They were also taught to clear their hands by exposing their palms to prove to security cameras above as well as to players that they hadn’t hidden anything in their hands.

The class was assured that they could get a Blackjack dealing job anywhere in the world. Maybe in the future you can see these dealers live at an online blackjack casino?

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