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Pebble Releases 3 New Smartwatch Games

Blackjack players who own Pebble smartwatches can now enjoy three more new games in addition their favorite blackjack game.

Pebble announced during GDC 2014 that it has released three brand new games, which can be obtained from the Pebble App Store—Icon Pop Quiz from Alegrium, Mr. Runner by Zing Games, and Hatchi from Portable Pixels.

Those who own Pebble smartwatches already have a wide choice of games at their fingertips. The portfolio includes Tiny Bird, Chess, Blackjack, Pebtris, and so on, and the new games are just as good. Mr. Runner is based on the runner theme, Hatchi is based on the Tamagachi theme, and Icon Pop Quiz is a quiz-like game.

Mr. Runner is based on simple rules, featuring a stick-like runner who runs through a world full of walls. Icon Pop Quiz is a sort of guessing game with plenty of clues. The most interesting of all these newly released games is Hatchi as it reminds players of the electronic Tamagachis that were very popular back in the nineties. Wearers of Pebble smartwatches need to take care of their digital pets by feeding them, playing with them, cleaning them, and so on. Hatchi is therefore ideal for pet enthusiasts.


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