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Online Blackjack Sites Are More Reliable Than Land Based Casinos

The Atlantic City Casino run by Bally’s and the Showboat Casino were recently fined for running their blackjack games on 51 card decks. Bally’s casino was required to pay a sum of $18,000 to make up for their mistake and the Showboat Casino paid a fine of $10,000.

Both casinos claim that the faulty number of cards in the deck was a result of mechanical error. In the case of the Showboat Casino, the three of hearts had gotten lodged in the auto shuffler and passed unnoticed there for four to five hours. The Atlantic City Casino on the other hand was dealing a 51 card deck which the dealer appears to have not noticed or ignored for the better part of nine hours, despite the warning light!

It would appear that online blackjack sites are far more reliable to play at than land based casinos where such mechanical errors take place and can remain undetected for hours at a stretch.

The two casinos were fined by the Casino Control Commission which appears to have fined them $2000 each for every hour the blackjack games continued to run on a 51 card deck.

Blackjack players who seem to prefer USA online casinos on account of the convenience of being able to play from home, will now have yet another reason to leave the bright lights of Vegas’s blackjack parlors behind.

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