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Online Blackjack in 2009

Happy new years.

In 2008, OnlineBlackjackOdds had a great year going from relative obsurity to one of the leading online blackjack sites. We would like to thank all our visitors and Howard Moon who wrote our most popular articles about card counting which get hundreds of views everyday!

We are now one of the top resources for players looking to play US online blackjack at top online casinos. In 2008 we have also started to translate the site and we currently have Netherlands, German and our brand new Spanish Blackjack en línea pages. We are looking to expand those sections further as well as expand to additional languages.

2009 looks to be a great year for Online Blackjack Odds and we hope you can say the same for yourself. Thanks and good luck at the tables!

Online Blackjack Odds Team

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