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Odds of Blackjack Winners Getting another Blackjack

The possibility of a player getting two blackjacks one after the other depends on the cards dealt to all the players at the table.

If a game of blackjack uses six decks, there would be a total of 312 cards. The aces would be 7.7 percent, while the ten cards would be 30.7 percent. If one takes into consideration only those cards dealt to the player who just got blackjack, 310 cards would be left in the deck with 30.6 percent ten cards and 7.4 percent aces. This means that the same player’s chances of getting another blackjack will decline.

If there are eight at the table, including six other blackjack players and the dealer, they would be dealt 26 cards from the deck. If one of those 26 cards dealt was an Ace and five were ten cards, 286 cards would be left in the deck with 8 percent aces and 31.8 percent ten cards. Under these circumstances, a player’s chances of getting another blackjack get better.

One can never say exactly how many blackjack cards are left in the deck. It may or may not be rich in aces and tens. A player can be sure only if he/she uses proper card counting techniques.


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