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New Free App Blends Cocktails and Blackjack

Blackjack Cocktails is an app that blends the delightful worlds of cocktails and blackjack. This free app is the brainchild of Dee Jones, who says that he thought it was about time someone created an app that contained the alluring ingredients of blackjack as well as cocktails.

The Cocktails section of the app gives players access to a wide range of Martinis, Tropical, Shooters, Hot Toddy, wines, and other drinks. These drinks have been carefully selected by the Pocket Cocktails team from Cocktails HD, a best selling iPad application.

The Poker section contains valuable poker tips and strategies such as classic types of players, table image, bluffing, tells, and others. In the Texas Hold’em section, players will come across advice on strategies, position, and so on. There are plans to add extra tips, tricks, and strategies in future updates of the application.

The Bartender’s section contains interesting information on using bar tools, making purees, garnishing drinks, and creating boats, flags, wedges, and so on.

Needless to say, Blackjack Cocktails 1.1 is the first app of its kind in the world. This application is available all over the world, absolutely free of charge, and can be accessed in the category called Lifestyle at the Apps Store.

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