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Mohegan Sun’s Vista Lounge to Offer Blackjack Tables

Greg Romeyn, the nightlife manager of Mohegan Sun, said that its renovated casino was launched early this week. Called Vista Lounge and located at Wombi Rock, the casino will be officially thrown open to gambling customers later this July.

The highlight of the renovated casino is a couple of blackjack tables at its back. According to Jeffrey Hartmann, chief executive officer and president of Mohegan Sun, this is the first time blackjack tables have been introduced in an East Coast casino. He added that casinos had begun offering blackjack in Las Vegas several years back.

According to Hartmann, one blackjack table will be always available to customers in the lounge and the other will be reserved for bachelorette or bachelor parties. Each table will have licensed croupiers to deal the cards.

Romeyn said that the blackjack table reserved for parties is kept in a private space overlooking Casino of the Sky and can seat a group of 10 – 15 people.

The most exciting features of Vista Lounge are its drinks menu, the sound system, and the overhead planetarium dome, which can change its colors. Vista Lounge targets customers in the age group of 21 – 35 and plans to be a complete destination for entertainment.

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