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MIT Blackjack Leader To Speak At Conference

Semyon Dukach, the noted blackjack player from the famous MIT card counting team, recently announced that he would be discussing his strategies on winning at a special conference.

This is an event to be noted as Semyon Dukach has not spoken about his particular skills in playing blackjack nor discussed his system of beating a casino at its own game for over ten years.

Dukach was more than just a player on the MIT blackjack team; instead he functioned as the team leader. Several of his exploits were explained in detail in the book “Busting Vegas and Bringing Down the House,” which later formed the basis for the movie “21.”


This upcoming conference will see Semyon Dukach break a silence of 10 years and talk about his knowledge and expertise. The player will be talking on the topic “From Blackjack to Microcaps: A Journey of Calculated Risk.” Both blackjack players and IT industry professionals are sure to find this conference interesting and can expect to gain much knowledge on the topic.

Dukach is no longer a blackjack team leader but is the Chairman and CEO of SMTP, a top- notch cloud based messaging and email service provider. The conference will connect the dots between his transitions from blackjack to his taking over as CEO at SMTP.

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