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Microgaming Launches New Blackjack Tournaments for Online Casinos

Microgaming, a provider of gaming software, recently announced that it would be offering a new schedule for its online blackjack tournaments and slots games. Microgaming has made a quite a few changes to its software and these tourneys will be offered by casinos that use this gaming platform.

Microgaming has introduced these changes to its software in an effort to provide online casinos with better blackjack tourneys and blackjack products that will create more liquidity in the network.

One of the blackjack tourneys recently introduced by Microgaming includes the One-Shot – A One Shot Tournament, which gives players only one opportunity to win. To win this game, players will have to use their turn to get the highest score possible; the p-layers with the best score will take the prize. This tourney has been designed to be very fast paced and offers no add-ons or rebuys.

The Reloader Tournaments also do not offer add-ons or rebuys; however, players can reload to try to win many times. This allows all players to reload and attempt to win with a better score.

Microgaming also launched Extender Tournaments, where players get to play games to build their scores. Unlike the other new tourneys, these games offer add-ons and rebuys.

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