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Jeffrey Ma Talks Blackjack and Business Strategy At Iowa State University

Jeffrey Ma, the reputed blackjack player and card counter who led the MIT s notoriously successful team of blackjack players, recently addressed a gathering at the Iowa State University.

Ma discussed his opinions on business and educated those in attendance about the many financial strategies that he had acquired while playing blackjack. Ma was very much responsible for the success of the MIT team of blackjack players as it was his tips and strategies that they followed which allowed them to win millions of dollars. It was also Ma and his team of blackjack players who were the inspiration behind the famed book Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. This team and book was also the basis for the hit movie 21 produced by Robert Luketic in which Kevin Spacey starred.

Some of the tips discussed by Ma at the event included decision making as well as not quitting when it is easy.

“The most important thing I learned from playing blackjack is that you can’t quit because it’s what’s easy. Deciding not to play and to maintain the status quo is still making a decision. Even putting off deciding is making the decision not to decide,” Ma said.

Ma compared business and blackjack stating, “There is no such thing as winning or losing streaks. It’s all about how much you put into your decision making. However, that doesn’t mean that looking to the past is a bad thing. Looking at the past is the best way to predict the future. But it can’t be your only basis.”

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