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Jeffrey Ma Launches New Blackjack Book Applying Game Tips To Business

Master blackjack player, Jeffrey Ma, who was the real life inspiration for the character Ben in the movie “21” recently wrote a new book where he took blackjack principles and applied it to business, impressing both the blackjack community and the business sector. The book also contains several anecdotes on Ma’s blackjack games and experiences along with blackjack tips. Jeffrey Ma’s latest book on blackjack called The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business makes for easy reading and can be understood by any layperson.

Some of the blackjack tips that Ma suggests in his book includes tips pt players to use the data they have to study their past performances which he claims will predict future results. He advocates discipline to businesspeople such as is used by card counters. Another important blackjack and business tip was to play for the long run. Some blackjack specific tips include never to take insurance and to always split Aces.

Jeffrey Ma first caught the eye of the media when Ben Mezrich wrote a book called “Bringing Down the House” about a team of blackjack players who used mathematics to beat house odds. Also, the blackjack team in the movie 21 was based on a real group of college students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which was led by Jeffrey Ma.

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