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iPhone Blackjack App

Jason Zhang, a creator of iPhone applications and software, recently launched a unique blackjack iPhone application that is capable of teaching users how to play blackjack and training them in the skills of the game.

Zhang’s blackjack iPhone application is also suitable for gamers who have iPods and iPads with touch screen services. The new software is available now for less than dollar at a price of $.99 and can be purchased from the Apple Apps Store. The blackjack application is equipped to train players on two types of blackjack games and include both Atlantic City blackjack rules and Las Vegas Strip blackjack rules. Depending on their game of choice players will be able to opt for whichever type of blackjack game they want to learn and access it on their iPhones or iPods with this application.

This application has been designed to work as button free software and takes into consideration the touch screen system used by most iPhones and iPods. This blackjack application allows the players to make their moves simply by touch. For instance, a player who wants to make a stand will only have to move their fingers across the screen and push chips with tier fingers across the virtual blackjack table to increase their wagers.

Zhang’s iPhone blackjack application also has blackjack strategy and tables to help players understand.

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