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Illusionist Derren Brown Prevented from Playing Blackjack

Casinos are obviously not fond of Derren Brown, the renowned illusionist, and recently, a casino stopped him from playing blackjack at one of its tables. The casino management escorted the widely acclaimed magician out of its premises when it noticed that he was trying to play blackjack there.

Shortly after presenting a live show called “Infamous,” Derren had visited Birmingham’s The Broadway Plaza Casino and begun playing blackjack at a private table. He had barely started playing when the casino security informed him that he was not allowed to place bets, but could only watch his friends play blackjack.

A reliable casino source confirmed that the management had decided to prevent Derren from placing bets, but made no comments when asked if the management suspected him of counting cards.

Derren admitted that he did try to play blackjack, adding that the casino management was very nice to him and served him food, but did not permit him to play. He further said that he watched his friends play blackjack for some time and decided to leave and that a casino employee escorted him out of the premises.

Derren also said that he is used to UK’s casinos preventing him from playing card games.

This blog entry was posted on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 5:46 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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