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Horseshoe Cleveland Casino Adds Blackjack Games

The Horseshoe Cleveland Casino is adding to its casino games section and has introduced over twenty games for players to enjoy. Blackjack is one of these games and players will also be able to enjoy other popular favorites such as Roulette and Mini-baccarat. Another game that has also been introduced to the casino floor is Let-It-Ride.

After adding the extra blackjack games to the casino floor, the Horseshoe Cleveland Casino now houses 89 tables and has also hired extra staff to help run them and manage the extra player traffic that is sure to come in. The additional table games have made the Horseshoe Cleveland casino the largest table gaming housing casino in the entire state.

According to Marcus Glover, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Horseshoe Cleveland Casino, “Cleveland is a table games town. From day one, our tables have seen constant action around the clock.”

Tosha Skipper, Director of Table Games at Horseshoe Cleveland commented on the development, “With the additional seats we look forward to offering a variety of table limits to our patrons.” she said.

As of now the casino employs more than 580 team members, most of whom are locals.

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