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Fzugi’s Hybrid Blackjack to Permit Unlimited Players at Blackjack Table

Fzugi, a provider of live dealer casino gambling systems, will modify its Hybrid Blackjack system to enable an unlimited number of blackjack players to play at a single table. This will increase the casino’s revenues considerably.

A deal signed with Uplay1, a company dealing with intellectual property related to gambling, allows Fzugi’s clients to provide live dealer blackjack. This game allowed only seven players to play at a single blackjack table. But now, an unlimited number of players can play at a table.

As Uplay1 CEO Bruce Merati puts it, “Uplay1’s invention synchronizes a blackjack shoe with a virtual shoe allowing any number of players to participate in a live blackjack game.” He further explains that the new solution is ideal for low rollers and players new to blackjack. Besides, the casino’s profits and revenues will increase considerably.

Expressing his opinions about the deal, Fzugi CEO Kfir Kugler said that his company is currently in the process of expanding its live games portfolio so that casino operators can increase their revenues quickly and “further monetize players with its new generation of digital gaming entertaining.”

Hybrid Blackjack is not only ideal for blackjack beginners, but also an excellent solution to permit unlimited players at a blackjack table.

This blog entry was posted on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 4:38 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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