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Film on a Team of Card Counting Christians

“Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians” is a documentary of the Church Team, a group of churchgoing Christians, including pastors, who claim to see the glory of God in counting cards playing blackjack at casinos. They consider it their divine mission to plump their blackjack bankrolls making plenty of money. The documentary is much more entertaining than the 2008 movie “21.”

Ben Crawford, co-founder of the Church team, says he learned card counting from the book “How to Make $100k a Year Gambling for a Living.” He admits in the documentary that he had dreams of making it big, but never though that it will be converted into a business.

The Church Team says that their pursuit of wealth doesn’t have anything to do with their faith. When questioned by family members or friends, they say that they are going for work, not to gamble. Besides, no member of the team keeps his/her winnings. Instead, prizes and amounts lost are pooled together, and as soon as the team’s total winnings become $100k, each member gets a share.

All the members of the team enjoy playing blackjack. One of them calls it his calling, claiming that God provided the game for him.

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