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Fernando Duraes Wins Sun International’s Annual Blackjack Event Twice

All casinos belonging to Sun International organize the Black Diamond Tournament annually, and the finalists of this event get the opportunity to play blackjack in Sun City Casino. This year, the finals of the annual Blackjack Diamond Tournament were held on June 28, challenging the seven finalists to win a grand prize of one million rand.

Rob Dalton, gaming marketing manager for Sun International, welcomed the guests, and this was followed by a stand-up session from Kagiso, a local comedian and film producer. When the formalities were over, the finals of the annual blackjack event began.

While some of the finalists took the event lightly, some appeared tense and serious. The house rules were first explained, after which the game began. The finalists raised bets to increase their chip stacks, and after 20 rounds were played, Fernando Duraes of The Royal Swazi Sun claimed that he had the biggest stack.

Fernando Duraes had won the annual blackjack event in 2009 too. When journalists asked him why he took part in the Black Diamond Tournament for the second time, he said that he did so because he loves visiting Sun City Casino as it is his favorite casino and he always has a good time there.

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