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Facebook Collects Large Fees from Blackjack Gambling Fan Pages

Facebook is not just a social network but has become somewhat of a gambling enterprise as well and is beginning to collect large fees for its gambling fan pages. The social network is now demanding a whopping $10k fee per month for gambling fan pages.

What’s more, Facebook has also created a spending limit for ads and the minimum price on this has been set at $30,000. These exorbitant prices and fees recently introduced by Facebook have the gambling community and blackjack players protesting.

Casino Affiliates, a forum for gamblers and blackjack players revealed that Facebook was asking for $10,000 a month for any and all fan pages related to or promoting gambling. What’s more, the forum also explained that Facebook, a firm established on the stock-exchange had indeed set a $30,000 limit for gambling ads.

As of now, Facebook is making a large amount of money out of the gambling ads such as the ones for online poker, online blackjack and other online casino games. The firm also makes money with ads related to sports betting.

Recently, Facebook has seen the profit in real money online gambling and wants as much money it can make out of the industry. Facebook has sent letters and emails to all gambling related fan pages and casino bonus pages informing them about the fee, but so far no one has paid.

This blog entry was posted on Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 11:47 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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