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Ex Truck Driver Invents New Blackjack Game Called Quick Seven

Larry Cockrell, an ex truck driver from Kenosha recently caught media attention when he created a new game of blackjack called “Quick Seven.” Cockrell believes that the game will soon go into casinos, and get on online casinos and even into mobile gaming.

The goal here is to create a hand of seven and to do it fast. Cockrell cooked this game up seven years ago when he was a truck driver and wanted to go to Vegas. “I was catching up on how to play blackjack, and I started thinking, ‘Wow, it would be nice to discard a card.’ Two years later, Cockrell came up with a scheme of rules that made sense when a blackjack player tried his hand against the dealer. “When you’re driving a concrete truck, you have a lot of time to think…Once I realized it was raw and unique, I saw there was a business opportunity there.” he said.

Once Cockrell had the game structure in order and his fiancée had given it the name Quick Seven, he quit driving and started a company called Innovative Gaming. Today, Cockrell has a good table design and an official U.S. patent and is training dealers at Harrah’s about the game’s rules.

Patricia McCabe-Clark, manager of casino operations at Harrah’s stated: “Our dealers do a great job selling new games to guests and they have already been spreading the news about ‘Quick Seven.’”

The game is also available at the iTunes app store and is very easy to learn.

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