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Eminem Plays Blackjack in Newest Video

Eminem one of the most popular Hip Hop artists recently released a new single “We Made You”. The video that is directed by Joseph Kahn shows Eminem in a number of different situations with one of them in Las Vegas playing blackjack at the table with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.

The blackjack scene starts with Eminem and Dr Dre coming down from an escalator wearing matching suits and eminem portraying Ray in the blockbuster movie Rain Man. If you haven’t seen Rain Man, Ray is a savant who in the movie counts cards in Las Vegas with brother Charlie who is played by Tom Cruise.

In the video Eminem and Dr Dre sit down at a blackjack table at the Las Vegas Palms with a pile of chips in front of them. It then shows eminem’s hand of 10/10 and the dealer flips another card as if Emienm hit, basic blackjack strategy would never have you do this…since the only card you can get to not bust is an Ace. Of couse, an Ace comes up and Eminem has 21 but hits again and the dealer looks at the pit boss who lets him hit and bust. The camera then pans out to another player at the blackjack table who is 50 Cent looking unimpressed by the blackjack move.

Blackjack is one of the most mainstream casino games and has shown up in hundreds of TV shows and movies . Currently there haven’t been any that have referenced online blackjack.

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