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Design Studios Mull over Creating In-flight Blackjack Casinos

If Air Jet Designs and Designescence, two aviation design studios based in France, have their way, in-flight blackjack gaming will soon become a reality. The two studios have partnered to design luxurious and sophisticated in-flight casinos, which could be implemented by airlines.

The concept of in-flight gambling is hardly new, but hasn’t been successful so far because of hurdles related to space, safety, and operation. A few airlines had introduced in-flight gambling in the past, but the idea had just refused to work.

The above-mentioned design studios feel that in-flight casinos might work at present because newer and spacious aircraft have been constructed.

Stephen McNamara, head (communications) for Ryanair, an airline company, said that airlines lack the required technology to launch in-flight casino services at present.

The introduction of in-flight casino gaming has yet another major hurdle—vague gambling laws. The biggest of these legal hurdles is the US law, which prevents gambling activities in American airspace. The only silver lining to the legal cloud is that the laws are bound to change any moment. Frederique Houssard, founder of Designescence, is quite optimistic about it. He said that playing real money games online was forbidden a few years ago, but not anymore, adding that things keep changing.

This blog entry was posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 6:28 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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