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Dang Brothers Use Blackjack Card Counting Techniques to Win Millions at Blackjack

The Dang brothers, who are of Vietnamese origins, have become millionaires by gambling online. Both brothers are somewhere in their twenties, but they already know everything there is to know about card counting. Normally, card counting is applied to blackjack and casinos have trained their officials to spot and shoo away card counters from their blackjack tables.

However, the Dang brothers have decided to apply card counting techniques to poker. They place extraordinarily large bets and win at least 55 percent to 60 percent of the time. They started playing online poker when they were engineering students in 2004, and so far, they have earned a total of $15 million playing online poker alone.

They began their unusual career with a slim bankroll of $200. Although they quickly lost their bankroll, they learned things the hard way and soon made their online poker fortune. Speaking about their experiences, the brothers say that the number of fish in the ocean is rapidly declining these days, making it difficult to play online poker.

They also happen to be among the large number of professional poker players affected by the unfriendly online poker laws in the US and the shutting down of top online poker rooms in the US. The brothers had to move to Canada in order to continue playing poker, but they are frequent visitors to Las Vegas and Macau. Possibly because they have already made millions playing poker, they are now planning to retire.

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