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Dakota Alters Blackjack Payout Rules

Recent news reports reveal that Dakota may be in store for some changes in its blackjack payout options. These changes were issued by the South Dakota Gaming Commission and will alter the payout system for single deck blackjack games. A request for these changes was issued from the Cadillac Jack’s establishment.

The only casino to now host the game of single deck blackjack is Saloon No. 10. Surprisingly the new order was unanimously passed by the commission and calls for the payout go from 6 to 5 from what it once was at 3 to 2 and only on games of single deck. Also, players will get paid only if they get a blackjack. Considering that Cadillac Jacks does not even host even one game of single deck blackjack, the fact that it pushed for such an ordinance has surprised many single deck blackjack players.

Louie LaLonde, the owner of the Saloon No. 10 establishment, commented on the matter stating, “Everyone who deals cards at the Number 10 and works at the Number 10 believes that our success is because our customers come (here) and get a good deal. Part of this is getting a full return on their bet.

LaLonde also assured players that their payouts would be met saying, “If someone gets a blackjack at the Number 10, they will always get what they would have won before the rule change…As soon as we become so stuffy and rule-driven like Vegas, we take away from the charm that Deadwood has.”

This blog entry was posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 at 5:47 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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