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Costa Rican Rummy Blends Blackjack with Poker

Blackjack owes a lot of its popularity to the fact that it comes in several variants, some of which are in favor of players and some in favor of the house. One of the most interesting and unique variants of blackjack is the Rummy game that is played in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, has around 50 land casinos; however, playing blackjack is illegal in the country. The casinos, therefore, have found a way round this problem by introducing a variant called Rummy, which bears a striking resemblance to blackjack. The rules of Costa Rican Rummy require players to stand on soft 17, which increase the players’ chances of winning. The rules also allow players to double on any card combination, even after splitting a card pair, which is very player friendly indeed.

Costa Rican Rummy also includes some rules followed in certain poker variants. For instance, the casino pays five to one if players get blackjack with three Seven cards. They get paid three to one if they get a Three of a Kind combination. These rules make Costa Rican Rummy an exciting blend of poker and blackjack. The only downside is that players win even money if they get blackjack.


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