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Community College in Virginia Offers Blackjack Classes

Education just took on a new facet and gamers and gamblers will be thrilled to know that you can learn about blackjack in college. The New River Community and Technical College in recently announced that it was giving out classes for people interested in learning blackjack. In addition, to these blackjack games, the college is also conducting classes on Three-Card Poker, Craps and Roulette.

These classes are to be held at the New River Table Games Training Center located in White Sulphur Springs and will take place throughout the week, with the exception of weekends. Classes began on April 26th and will continue on till June. The classes are held daily for a period of four hours and the course is $675. Students will also have to pay $100 on completing the class to acquire their license.

Considering that blackjack is a game of skill and that it requires calculations and analyses of which cards to keep and which cards to drop, it makes sense that classes on the subject are offered. The fact that blackjack is game that can earn a person a lot of money is also another aspect to be considered.

One cannot help but wonder what’s next on the cards – will universities start giving out degrees in poker and blackjack for eager students/players?

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