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Casinos Give Players the Ultimate Gaming Experience with Blackjack Party Pits

Casinos have now found a new way of attracting more players to their blackjack tables; this also includes the means of keeping players entertained while they play and perhaps distracted enough to lose their game.

The party pit is the latest strategy to take over the casino floor and players will find a party pit either near their table or locate their table in the midst of party pit. These pits feature scantily clad dancers and beautiful hosts. The Riviera Hotel and Casino is one such brick and mortar establishment that is bringing sexy back to the blackjack table. They have designed what is known as a Passion Pit and have filled it with curvy pole dancers. Needless to say, the tables around these pits are very crowded while players find it difficult to concentrate.

If players are ready to enjoy the whole Las Vegas experience and do not mid losing a few chips because they have not been concentrating, then they will have no problem with these party pits. However, players looking to play serious blackjack may end up losing a lot more money while playing blackjack if they happen to take their eyes of the table. It is very easy to go bust this way if players are not concentrating, and the dancers at the Riviera are sure to catch your attention. This may be a good reason for serious blackjack players to take their games online.

This blog entry was posted on Monday, November 1st, 2010 at 7:31 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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