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Casino to Use $11.6 Million Worth of Smart Chips for Blackjack Games

Meadows Casino, a gaming centre in Washington County recently announced that it would be using Smart Chip technology in its blackjack games, pending the decision of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. A ruling in favour of the Smart Chip will see the casino replace $11.6 million of its blackjack chips with Smart Chips when it introduces its new table games in July. The casino will use 184,500 chips that will be formatted with Radio Frequency Identification to prevent counterfeiting.

These blackjack Smart Chips are casino chips embedded with a microprocessor which will keep tabs on the amount of chips used at the blackjack tables. The Smart chips are twice as expensive as regular chips and will curb the opportunity to use counterfeit chips. Although, Meadows is only the second gaming enterprise in the Pennsylvania territory to introduce this technology, the use of Smart Chips is expected to become a trend soon to be followed by other casinos all over the US.

Sean Sullivan, VP of Meadows Casino, stated “In every one of these little chips, there’s a micro-processor, micro-chip. These are sophisticated chips, twice as expensive as a normal chip you’d find at a casino. We’re excited about the technological advances it gives us as well as the protection opportunities.”

This blog entry was posted on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 at 5:58 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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