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Blackjack Toolbox Launched to Help Players Win at Blackjack

Sigma Gaming Solutions launched its first blackjack application called Blackjack Toolbox for recreational blackjack players desirous of winning at blackjack. Players can run this app on any iOS device such as iPads and iPhones and use it to calculate bankrolls, length of gaming sessions, bet size, time to quit playing, and so on.

The developers say that Nevada players lose around one billion dollars annually playing blackjack, which is four times more than the total predicted by any fair odds analysis. About 80 percent of this is because of poor gaming habits on the part of players, such as sitting down to play without a good-sized bankroll, betting in an erratic fashion, inability to quit when they should, and so on. About 20 percent is because they do not know the proper strategies and are unable to choose the right table. The developers also claim that Blackjack Toolbox can address all these problems and help players win at blackjack.

The app comprises 6 simple tools—card maker, calculator, simulator, teacher, guide, and recorder. While some of these tools help players calculate the house edge, others assist them with basic strategy and teach them how to manage their bankroll. It is available at iTunes App Store for $3.99.


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