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Blackjack Strategist Jeff Ma’s Numbers Predict NBA Player’s Success in 2007

Jeff Ma, one of the most noted blackjack card counters in the world and the author of The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business, was able to predict the success of NBA player Kevin Durant, way back in 2007. Durant’s success has only become apparent now in the recent FIBA World Championship, possibly making the Portland Trail Blazers wish that they has taken Ma’s advice earlier.

In his book, Jeff Ma teaches how any business and enterprise can take the blackjack strategies of using statistics and mathematics to make them successful. Ma was hired as a consultant to analyze the NBA’s Trail Blazers and applied his blackjack ideology to the players, and created a 2007 report detailing that Durant was a key player and one to watch out for. Jeff Ma also clearly stated a preference for Kevin Durant over Greg Oden. However, despite his predictions, Kevin Pritchard the general manager for the Trail Blazers, disregarded Ma’s advice and opted for Oden.

Jeff Ma is an MIT graduate and has strong educational qualifications that include a mechanical engineering degree. Ma first gained attention when the book Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich was published which highlighted him as the leader of the notorious MIT Blackjack Team.

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