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Blackjack Players Use Hand Signals and Other Tricks to Win

Blackjack is a fun and exciting game to play; it is also highly lucrative and if one were to observe the current gambling trends, blackjack and tables games like poker have picked up and almost doubled in popularity over the past few years.

Ever since the movie “21” was released, blackjack enthusiasts have become more interested in beating the casino at its own game. Today, many blackjack players use tricks to win at the game and the casinos have tried to close in one these to eradicate cheating. One method of cheating as in the movie 21 is the use of hand signals.

However, some casinos now require players to learn the use of particular hand signals to indicate to the camera what they want from the dealer. Since the use of uniform hand signals will prevent any possible scope for misuse and cheating, this has come to be useful.

For instance some blackjack players swipe their hands in certain ways to indicate to their partners at the table whether to play safe or to ask for another card.

Sometime the dealer will move very fast at the table and this allows casinos to gain an edge over the player. However, players who are unnerved by this rapid play can opt to slow signal and this will cut the speed.

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