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Blackjack Player Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

The Franklin County Commons Pleas Court sentenced a 40-year-old man to a two-year prison term after he admitted that he had cheated the Hollywood Casino Columbus and also that he had been in illegal possession of a gun and some cocaine.

Arthur S. Murray pleaded guilty to all three counts in the court. Judge Pat Sheeran delivered the verdict, which was recommended by prosecutors as well as the defense lawyers. Since Murray has already spent 242 days in jail, those days will be deducted from his two-year term.

Murray was one of the first players to be charged with offenses related to casino gambling after the Hollywood Casino Columbus was launched in West Side last October. According to Kimberly Bond, the assistant prosecutor, CCTV footage from the casino showed Murray cheating at the casino’s blackjack tables on October 28. He was seen removing or adding chips from his stack after the blackjack dealer had dealt the cards.

Besides, Murray was already waiting for his trial for illegal possession of drugs. In January, a woman lodged a complaint with the police that Murray and his accomplices had stolen her purse at gunpoint, as a result of which charges related to illegal possession of arms and robbery were slapped on him.

This blog entry was posted on Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 3:38 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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