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Blackjack Player Relates a Blackjack Story

In a report on, Chuck Williams says that he followed his policy of “playing along with the music” at a blackjack table in a Las Vegas casino.

He was playing with five other blackjack players who appeared to know one another well. The dealer was a charming black woman in her fifties, who seemed to really enjoy what she was doing. The game went on for around 30 minutes with Williams betting $10 per hand, which was the minimum bet accepted at the table. The other players were playing at higher stakes of $500 to $1,500 per hand.

Ultimately, Williams got into a conversation with one of the men, who asked him if living in Georgia makes him a redneck. When he was fumbling for an answer, the dealer said, “That’s offensive. That is the same thing as if you had called me the N-word.”

The game did not last longer as players began leaving the table and the dealer had to take a break. Williams says in his report that he did not know what to make of the conversation as he did not consider being called a redneck offensive. He concluded by saying that it left him thinking differently about the race issue.

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