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Blackjack Player Refuses to Pay DJ $200,000

A blackjack player who had offered to pay a huge sum of $200,000 to a DJ called Deadmau5 for playing a Bon Jovi song at a nightclub based in Las Vegas refused to pay up as he had lost his blackjack game. The issue led to a mess, which is now being sorted at a Nevada federal court.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the blackjack player, Don Johnson, is an important customer of Wynn Casino as he used to spend anywhere between $100,000 and $500,000 playing blackjack and other casino games. The high-stakes player is also the chief executive officer of Heritage Development. During a period of just four months, he had won $6 million gambling at Tropicana Casino, $4 million at Caesars Casino, and $5 million at Borgata Casino.

When Johnson refused to pay the promised $200,000 to the DJ, Deadmau5’s talent agency and the owner of the nightclub paid him. The issue appeared to have been resolved, but the owner of the nightclub sued the talent agency for inability to repay $50,000, the amount he had contributed toward Deadmau5’s payment.

According to the court papers, the two parties plan to sign a settlement deal soon. The owner of the nightclub says that the event is ridiculous.

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