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Blackjack Player Nabbed for Bank Heist

Joseph Baer, was recently arrested while playing blackjack at a gaming table at the Trump Plaza Casino based in Atlantic City.

Baer has a criminal history and is a convicted felon on the charge of bank robbery. He is 39 years old and is known to be a compulsive gambler with an affinity for blackjack tables it would seem. In a twist of fate, it was at a blackjack table in the Trump Plaza Casino that Baer was apprehended and taken into custody.

Baer has been on the most wanted list of the FBI when it was believed that he was responsible for holding up three banks in the Philadelphia area. The U.S. Marshals also went so far as to put a $1,500 reward out for any information that would help them to arrest Baer. It is believed that the security guard at the casino who spotted Baer playing blackjack may receive this reward.

The police had launched a man hunt for the suspect and were of the mind that Baer was robbing banks to fund his gambling addiction. They believed that he would take the stolen money from the banks and take it straight to the casino to play blackjack.

According to FBI Spokesperson and Special Agent J.J. Klaver “He was playing blackjack. A security guard at the casino recognized him and notified a state trooper who was there.”

Baer had allegedly robbed the PNC Bank located on Frankford Avenue and was captured on camera which allowed for the police to identify him.

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