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Blackjack Enthusiasts In Maine Now Have A New Casino

A new casino recently opened its doors in Oxford, Maine. The opening ceremony had a lot of hype and included Las Vegas showgirls, a number of speeches and a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony. The casino was originally approved by voters back in 2010.

There are over 500 slot machines available at the Oxford Casino and over a dozen game tables where guests will be able to play a number of games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Craps. The opening of the new Oxford Casino will be good news to local Blackjack enthusiasts, as this is just the second casino to open its doors in the city of Maine.

While it is just establishing itself, the Oxford Casino is expected to do good business since it has very little competition. The Hollywood Casino is the only other casino in Maine and is located nearly 120 miles away.

Casino spokesman Scott Smith said that there are plans for more work to be done in the Casino and the gaming operations will expand by another 50%. Smith said “I’m very confident that people that come here will be proud that it’s part of the southwestern Maine entertainment choices that we now have.” The dozen game tables are expected to be visited by locals as well as tourists who come to Maine for the skiing, hunting, fishing and camping.

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