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Blackjack Champions And Neuroscientists Partner for Discovery Summit

The 2012 Discovery Summit will be hosted by the JMP, which specializes in business analytics software and related services. They have decided to invite neuroscientists and blackjack champs at the same time in order to debate on the topic of ‘improving decision making by overcoming biases and shortcomings’.

The summit will take place from September 13th to 16th at Denver. Two keynote speakers, one a noted neuroscientist and the other a noted blackjack champ will be expressing their views on the same.

Jonah Lehrer will discuss neuroscience and Jeffrey Ma, the guy whose story inspired the movie “21”, will also speak on the same and he plans to talk about ways to harness the mind’s power in order to focus on analytical part of the brain, which results in better decision making. Jeffrey Ma will also exhibit his speech in action at a game that he will be leading at the online blackjack casino during the summit.

The neuroscientist has no such exhibition whatsoever, but it would have been interesting to see if some of the attendees included President Obama’s staff and since that is not the case, it is no surprising the kind of decisions that are being taken in the United States.

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