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Blackjack Casinos In Florida Face Opposition From Seminole Tribes

The Seminole Indian Tribe is opposing the opening of five new mega us blackjack casinos in Florida, since this means that they will lose their stronghold in the gambling industry in Florida.

While the new legislation will be voted before summer of 2011, the Seminole Indian Tribe plans to advertise and lobby against it by heavily investing into the same.

The sovereign lands of Florida hold four blackjack casinos operated by the Seminole Tribe. In 2010 they had made an agreement with the State wherein they are allowed to host blackjack card games but no roulette games or craps at their casinos, and for these exclusive rights they paid $1 billion to the State.

If the said legislation is passed in Florida, then casinos will be required to pay $50 million per year as licensing fees, and the Seminoles will not have the exclusive rights that they now possess. This new law will alter their monopoly over the game of blackjack in the state of Florida.

Seminole Tribe spokesman said that if the state agrees to the legislation then they will have to probably give up the assured payments they receive from the Seminole Indian Tribe.

Two Florida-state senators filed this legislation, one from the Republicans, one from the Democrats.

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