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Blackjack Card Counters Want to Use Eye Controlled Notebook To Win At Casinos

Originally developed for quadriplegics, an eye controlled laptop has become a delight amongst Blackjack card counters. Developed by China’s Lenovo Company, this laptop which can be controlled by movements of the eye will probably soon find its place on Blackjack tables since it serves as a blessing for Blackjack card counters.

The device apparently improves the player’s edge to 49.5% against the house and hence increases the player’s chances of winning. The laptop monitors eye movements, and users can control the cursor, switch between windows, zoom onto images, as well as adjust the brightness of the display by gazing at the laptop. The laptop sends infrared signals to the eyes and its inbuilt camera captures the reflection of the retina.

Based on infrared technology that monitors eye movements, developed by a Swedish company, this eye controlled laptop can help Blackjack card counters who struggle counting cards in their heads. Sadly, this technology is not allowed into gaming legally, but people are counting on the casinos to give them a fair chance once this laptop hits the stores, by allowing them to make use of the laptop legally.

Casinos have to play fair at some time or another, or people will keep coming up with ways to cheat or beat the system, and it might become legal as well.

This blog entry was posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 6:04 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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