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Blackjack Card Counters Targeted By Casinos

Blackjack card counting has always posed a threat to Casino’s but the last couple of months have turned the heat back on card counting. While it is still considered legal in most places, blackjack card counting is not encouraged by casino managers.

A number of clever and quick witted individuals who have learned the art of card counting visit the blackjack tables and often walk away with huge sums of money in less than 24 hours. Books like “Bringing Down The House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas For Millions” reveal strategies of how one can have luck on their side as they play the tables.

Casino managers have to always be on the lookout for those who engage in blackjack card counting. However, the main reason for blackjack card counting to be immediately prohibited is when electronic devices are used for card counting.

Manual card counting requires a lot of intelligence, patience and practice. It is not difficult to spot a blackjack card counter and hence a number of land based casinos use high tech surveillance cameras to detect blackjack card counters. Most casinos also subscribe to Griffin Investigations which provides casino managers with a large database of card counters including blackjack players who have been blacklisted, their names and other personal information that enable them to be spotted quickly.

So, while blackjack card counting might be gaining more popularity, it is also being tackled by the Casinos to ensure that there rules are followed at all times.

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