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Basic Blackjack Hand Signals Gamblers Must Know

Blackjack players are required to know a number of hand signals while playing blackjack in land casinos as they make it easy for dealers to track their actions.

Players who want to hit must tap their index fingers and point at their cards while saying the word “hit.” Players should remember to tap their fingers only once as tapping them too many times might confuse dealers. If players want to stand, they only have to wave their hands over the cards to communicate to the dealer that they do not need any more cards.

If players feel like doubling down, they can simply request the dealer to deal them an extra card. Alternatively, they can keep some more chips near their original bets and the dealer will come to know that they have doubled down. Some players drop each chip down one by one till they have matched their original bets. Players who want to split make an action as if they are about to cut something with a pair of scissors.

Some casinos allow players who have got an unfavorable hand to surrender and get back half their bet amounts. To show dealers that they are about to surrender, players can move their fingers in a left-to-right direction.



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